Business development consultancy with Boutique residential training facilities on the south-east coast of England

We'll help you design your ideal event whether that's training, team-building or time to think.
We'll work alongside you to deliver your vision, making sure all the elements are in the right place at the right time.
We'll be there afterwards to support you as you embed change into how you work, ensuring that you capitalise on the energy generated from your seaside retreat.

For now, the venue is closed. We are still supporting clients remotely. Get in touch if you'd like to find out how we can help you in these tricky times.

Best wishes,
Kate, Helen and Justin


A stylish seaside getaway, perfect for a team offsite. Space to relax, refresh and reconnect.


Being by the sea can make you happier, healthier, calmer and more creative.

the team

Space on Sea is the creation of three consultants with industry expertise in HR, Learning & Development and Brand & Marketing.

the space

Our home is Ruby's Rooms, the art-inspired seafront hotel in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex.

Inside you’ll find individually-styled bedrooms, delicious local food and a bright, spacious room to work in with views looking out across the channel towards France.

Outside are all the benefits of a trip out of town- fresh air, a new environment, a sense of adventure.

When you visit, you have exclusive access to the whole building and garden, meaning you can relax and treat the place as a home from home.

We offer a range of support to suit your requirements, from concierge to consultancy.

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the sea

Space on Sea is a balm for the frazzled mind of the modern professional.

A short train journey from the intensity of London life brings you to the open vista of the English seaside.

For the past two hundred years, town and city folk have been making the pilgrimage to the victorian seaside resort of St Leonards On Sea. Doctors have long prescribed a break by the sea as a panacea for a myriad of conditions. In recent years, scientists have catalogued the restorative effects of a coastal retreat.

The sound of the waves, the smell of the air, the sight of the blue sea beneath the expanse of the sky all speak to us on a deep instinctive level.

"There are all these cognitive and emotional benefits that we derive every time we spend time by water" said Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist and best-selling author of the Blue Mind. "Once you get into it, you realise that it's chemistry, it's biology, it's physiology. It's deeply personal but it's also strong science."

the team

Having all made the transition from city to coastal living; we understand the importance of balancing the excitement of a busy urban existence with the calm of life by the sea.

We know that time is your most valuable resource, so we've created a service that maximises every moment you spend with us. We offer you the luxury of distraction-free focus and at the same time provide a welcome injection of insight and inspiration.

Kate Jaggers
Management Consultant & Hotelier 

Kate has over 20 years experience of media, brand and marketing in the youth, culture and lifestyle industry. In 1999, she helped build and grow MJ Media, before becoming Head of UK for VICE Media Group. In 2011, Kate founded Jaggers Inc, with clients including Burberry, Nike and the BBC.
Alongside her consultancy work, Kate is the owner of the art-inspired hotel Rubys' Rooms.
Helen Edwards
HR Consultant 

Helen has worked in HR since 2007, specialising in consumer tech start-ups including Depop, Love Home Swap, PetsPyjamas, Look Fabulous Forever and PEEX. As Head of People & Culture, she oversaw the acquisition of, a UK start-up, by OpenTable, US Plc. Helen has a passion for helping businesses develop their workplace culture, to get the best out of people with inspiring leadership and employee engagement.
Justin McCarron
Coach and Trainer

Justin is a people skills expert, specialising in resilience training. He has a diverse client base; working both solo and as an associate with a number of global training consultancies, including Frank Partners, Practive and Edison Red. Most recently, Justin has worked with commercial businesses such as Red Bull, Vice Media and Endemol Shine Group as well as public sector organisations including the Civil Service, NHS and local authorities. As a former actor, Justin brings a dynamic presence to every training event as well as a user-friendly, practical approach to behavioural change.